XiLearn team

Sylvie Graumann

President and Founder

Sylvie Graumann is President of the non-profit association “Digital Collaborative Schools” which she founded in April 2021 to carry out the project of creating the school in Laos which is the subject of this project.

Sylvie is the founder and President of the French company Xifab which manufactures interactive furniture with BtoB software.

Sylvie has been a French Foreign Trade Advisor for more than 10 years. She is the author of the “Guide pratique du commerce international “1 and a contributor to “Veiller futé à l’international “2 on intellectual property. She has also been a professor of international marketing for various renowned French organizations.

Sylvie Graumann has been interested in Asian cultures for many years, particularly Chinese, whose language she speaks (better and better); she is learning Thai and Lao.

Eager to share and offer her knowledge, Sylvie has built this non-profit project which brings together what she has always been passionate about: International exchanges, Digital and education.

Stephane Geslin

Artistic Director

An architect and graduate in graphic art, he is the creator of numerous B2B product lines in the digital field. He also designs custom furniture for a wide clientele. He draws, integrates manufacturing technical constraints, manages production, and oversees the application part of the software solutions embedded in touchscreens and more generally in digital media.

His experience in navigating the complex path between client demands and delivered products allows him to develop sophisticated solutions and rely on his “economical drawing stroke” as the common thread throughout his creations. He channels his teams in a culture of essentiality and efficiency.

Massessilia Fenniche

UX / UI Designer

Massessilia joined us to add a second designer to the team. She is a web and print design apprentice, with skills in ergonomic web design and a range of creative skills beyond digital design.

Massessilia shares design responsibility with Lucinda and Stephane, designing the logo, branding, website layout and mock-ups for the XiLearn LMS. She is also working on the visual identity of XiLearn.

She is in charge of the project under the tutelage of Sylvie and Stéphane, making sure that it runs smoothly.

Lucinda Mufi

In charge of animations, communication and development for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lucinda is the designer specialized in 2D animation with a background in digital project management.

She is responsible for creating engaging content for our social networks, producing impactful visual marketing and editing our courses. With her 2D animation skills, she is able to effectively communicate XiLearn’s services.

Lucinda ensures that our school provides an optimal user experience for students and will also be responsible for the development of our project in Indonesia and Malaysia, ensuring the continued growth of our business.

Loic Le Clere

Web Developer

Loïc joined our team in September 2022 as a second developer.

Still in the learning phase in the field of computer development, Loïc is involved in the design and development of the Xilearn LMS with the rest of the team.

Since his arrival, Loïc has been working closely with the entire Xilearn team on the design of the Xilearn LMS and more specifically with the design team to implement their designs and ensure that the final product is consistent and functional.

Claire Niclause

VP in charge of partnerships

Are you interested in education in emerging countries? The development of French SMEs abroad?

Are you an endowment or a foundation? A company? A school or university? An international organization? An individual? A digital nomad? Another entity?

Do you have talent? Available funding? Time? Computers?

Would you like to become a donor? Share? Fund? Help out?

Then we really need you! We are open to any kind of partnership, wherever you are in the world, in order to provide Lao students from XiLearn in Laos with decent study conditions and a better future with an expertise and a profession.

Leuth Panepakone

Audio-visual technician

Leuth tests the courses in Lao, supervises the recordings, adapts the activities of the association to the specificities of the country, identifies the opportunities to improve its development in the country.

Charlotte Rialland

Secretary of Digital Collaborative Schools

Charlotte has been a school teacher for 7 years. She is committed to developing positive and caring educational methods. She is also passionate about history and art.

Inpaseuth Phengvinaiya


Perfectly trilingual Lao-French-English, Inpaseuth contributes to the recruitment of students and adapts the marketing policy to the country.

Béatrice Gelbmann

Treasurer of Digital collaborative Schools

Béatrice has dedicated her professional life to training, after obtaining a PhD in Urban Planning and Development. She developed the transport training in a major engineering school in Paris, launched a degree in a university where she was also a professor, and created the internal training center of a leading transport group in the world. She has worked as an expert in France and in many countries around the world and is the author of two books in the field of public passenger transport. She loves contact and is keen to promote the transfer of skills for the economic and educational development of people and countries.