Have fun while learning

Study without getting bored and stimulate your creativity.

Find a job

Become an expert and easily find a job in your field.

Be part of a network

Be connected with all the experts trained by XiLearn.

Share your ideas

Exchange your ideas and find the ideal partner for your project.

What is Xilearn ?

The XiLearn project, developed by the French Association “Digital Collaborative Schools”, is an e-learning teaching project for digital skills in Laos, 80% in Lao and 20% in English. The project will be extended to other South East Asian countries.

It aims to train to-distance, without condition of income, gender or age conditions, future experts in all digital skills and to create bridges with local and European SMEs.

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Xilearn methodology

Step 1

Once their registration file is accepted, students obtain a personal password to login to the XiLearn platform, at times and days that suit them.

Step 2

Students have a first series of common courses during which they learn the basics of marketing, some principles of reasoning, data protection, how to create a company and with what state of mind to approach the courses. They then choose the training that matches their personality

Step 3

They then follow fun, organized and qualitative lessons, and put their knowledge into practice using quizzes and exchange with other XiLearn learners via the XiLearn Discord server.

Step 4

They obtain grades/levels and a XiLearn certification.

Step 5

On the platform, students offer their services to companies members of the association against a  remuneration or upload their CV and the appreciation of their professors to make themselves known.

Throughout their training, students have access to XiLearn virtual lounges to discuss privately or in groups with students, teachers, mentors.

What will XiLearn bring you?


You will find a job in the digital sector and integrate a local company


You will develop expertise in digital marketing and increase your employability


You will create an attractive digital hub to participate in the economic development of the country

Center of interest

You will create a networking focus for international digital nomad


You will work as a freelancer for foreign companies remotely


You will create your own company

Who is XiLearn for?





Why choose XiLearn?

  • Local language courses

    Language will no longer be an obstacle for you! XiLearn courses offer you multilingual lessons. Choose the language you master and follow your lessons peacefully.

  • Fun lessons

    XiLearn offers you the possibility of being able to train via quizzes and case studies by launching challenges with XiLearn learners. Increase your level and gain skills!

  • Interaction between XiLearn learners

    XiLearn has an online Discord network that allows you to contact other learners to help each other, collaborate. Expand your network with this opportunity!

  • Asia/Europe Network

    European companies by becoming members of XiLearn will be able to have access to the services of trained experts or even hire them to adapt or develop their digital marketing strategy to certain countries in South East Asia.

  • Free lessons

    The courses are free for any registration before September 15, 2023, for learners of Laotian nationality residing in Laos.