Social Media

About the course

Quiz series
Case studies

The program

Module 1


→ Definition

→ The role of social networks

Overview of Social Networks

→ Facebook

→ Instagram

→ Twitter

→ TikTok

→ Snapchat

→ LinkedIn

Social media jobs

→ Community manager

→ Social media manager

→ Social media specialist

→ Traffic manager

How to implement a social media strategy

→ Objectives

→ Define your objectives

→ Know our customers

→ Build our persona

→ Find information

→ Analyse collected data

→ Formalize your persona

→ Envolve your persona

→ Create your editorial line and some exemples

→ 5 pillars of social media marketing

The animation of the Fan’s pages

→ Create a LinkedIn account, complete profil and some tips

→ Create a private account on instagram and complete profil

→ Create an e-shop on Instagram

→ Create a Facebook account

→ Create a TikTok account

→ Prepare your contents

→ Work on your contents

→ Create an impactful visual

→ Write short contents

→ Create a post on LinkedIn

→ Create a post on Facebook

→ Feed on Instagram

→ The Hashtag

→ Create content on TikTok

→ Formats

→ Be reactive

→ An indispensable tool : Canva

→ Program your content

→ Conclusion

The marketing influence

→ Implement an influence strategy

→ The objectives

→ Choose right influencers

→ Types of influencers

→ Define terms of collaboration

→ Connect with influencers

The community manager’s toolbox

→ The editorial slant

→ The publications planning

→ Creation of visuals

→ Demonstration

→ The programming publications

→ Demonstration

The campaigns implementation

→ The ads


→ E-reputation


→ Examples of statistics

The teacher


“I have decided to share my knowledge with beginner students, because I enjoy seeing my students develop their creativity and mastery of social media design tools. I am determined to help my students achieve their professional goals by imparting the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in this exciting field.”

The objectives

This module aims to train students in social media management, creating effective content, and implementing marketing strategies adapted to social platforms, in order to prepare them for a successful career in digital marketing.


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