About the course

Quiz series
Case studies

The program

Module 1

Introduction to E-Commerce

→ The course programm

→ The objectives

→ The roadmap

→ The keys to success

→ Organize your activity

  • Google Tools : Gmail
  • Google Tools : Drive
  • Google Tools : Meet
  • Google Tools : Calendrier
  • Notion

The foundation

→ The legal aspect

→ The tree different types of stores

→ Your vision, value and mission

Define your target

→ How to define your Persona

→ Tools for your searc

→ Keyword planers

→ Case study

Brand image

→ The brand identity

→ Check and protect your brand

→ The art of storytelling

Module 2


→ Business model

→ Budget

Niche store

→ Why and how to create a niche store

→ How to detect opportunities ?


Winning prooduct

→ How to find your winning product ?

→ The spytools you can use


→ The complete Aliexpress guide


→ How to calculate your margin ?

→ Which CPC is interesting for a product ?

→ How many minimum searches for my product ?

→ Can I sell “high ticket” products ?

→ How to be sure that your product will work ?

UX/UI Design

→ Understanding the importance of UX/UI  Design

→ How to use Canva

→ How to use Photoshop

Shopify – Introduction

→ Create your shopify account

→ Billing, payment and checkout

→ Shipping and delivery

→ Apps and sales channels

→ Products and collections

Shopify – Personnalisation

→ Create your homepage, pages and blog

→ Create your product page

→ Connect your plugins

Module 3

Cookies and tracking codes

Social Media

→ Create your Facebook page

→ Create your Instagram account

→ Create your TikTok account

→ Create your Pinterest account

→ Facebook Ads

→ The influencer strategy


→ Influencing your results with copywritting and storytelling

Module 4

Brand creation

→ What are the secrets to developing a good brand strategy?

→ The development from Dropshipping

→ Develop your strategy multi-canal

→ Market place to generate more sales

The teacher


“As an e-commerce professor, I help startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow online through advanced marketing strategies and online training. My goal is to help you succeed in the world of digital marketing by providing you with the skills and confidence necessary to achieve your goals.”

The objectives

Learn how to succeed in e-commerce with our course, covering everything from legal aspects and target definition to brand image, dropshipping, niche stores, winning products, UX/UI design, Shopify, social media, copywriting, brand creation, and more.


This course is free for all registrations until September 15, 2023