Search Engine Optimisation

About the course

Practical work

The program

Fundamentals of the web

→ Fundamental concepts: Internet and Web definitions

→ Internet professions (graphics)

Use of DTP and Video Editing Tools

→ Adobe Illustrator

→ Adobe Photoshop

→ Adobe InDesign

→ Adobe XD

→ Adobe After Effects

→ Adobe Premiere Pro

→ Canva

Design and Graphic Creation

→ Color theory

→ Image architecture

→ Typography

→ Iconography

→ Principles of layout

UX/UI Design

→ Specifications and creative briefs

→ Website architecture

→ Zoning and Wireframes

→ Graphic charter

→ Benchmarking

→ Creating personas

2D Video Animation

→ Some theory

→ Creating motion design


→ Creating a web page in HTML

  • Basics of HTML language and syntax
  • Page structure
  • Insertion of images, use of ordered or unordered lists
  • Linking pages together


→ Formatting a web page with CSS

  • Creating and linking a CSS file to a web page
  • CSS file architecture
  • Basic selectors
  • Modifying text styles, background, formatting blocks, etc.

Creating your website with WordPress

→ Introduction

  • Presentation and organization
  • Installation: Choice of a server, FTP configuration, installation and connection


→ Content and Management

  • Types of content
  • Page/Article setup
  • Organization of content
  • Management of media/library
  • Homepage and site navigation organization
  • Creation of customized menus
  • Installation of extensions


→ WordPress Themes and Optimization

  • Theme selection and installation


→ Page Builder Plugin

  • Installation of Elementor plugin
  • Page layout

The teacher

Massessilia FENNICHE

“I am a passionate Webdesigner who wishes to share my knowledge and experience with Laotian students. I enjoy seeing my students develop their creativity and mastery of web design tools, and I am determined to help them achieve their professional goals by imparting the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in this exciting field.”

The objectives

This module aims to provide you with the necessary foundations to create attractive and functional websites. You will learn how to use the most common design tools, as well as design techniques and best practices for creating professional websites.


This course is free for all registrations until September 15, 2023

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