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Xilearn Story

The project is born from some observations and the encounter of the founder with young Laotians trained for free in English by many passing tourists at Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang. The mutual satisfaction during these exchanges were decisive in the construction of the Collaborative Digital Schools project.She kept in touch with some of these students who told her how interested they are in learning digital marketing.


Observation 1 : Laos, the need for Digital training-a powerful economic lever. 


The Digital sector is a powerful lever for the economy of a country, in particular for the social advancement of young students trained in the corresponding techniques. Digital transformation is at the heart of the Laotian government’s concerns to reach a global level in terms of accessibility, quality and price, for the benefit of public and private companies as well as citizens. 

It is clear that the existing training in developed countries is not sufficient to cover worldwide needs; the term “Digital” covers many areas: Big Data, digital marketing, cybersecurity, internet of objects and artificial intelligence (…).

Some areas of Digital education are clearly only for high-level experts but there are also many areas in which training is more accessible to young students, such as digital marketing.

In addition, alongside the actions that will be taken to instigate development of local industries, processing of digital marketing generates a lot of data that can be outsourced and create jobs.


Observation 2: Laos, at the heart of the RCEP1 free trade area and at the start of its digital transformation.


Laos is a young country, strategically located at the heart of the RCEP free trade area. This is a strategical asset for the initiative of creating a digital school which will hold a pool of young professionals familiar with digital techniques. Quality training in digital techniques would make it possible to direct young Laotians towards promising professions and create opportunities for growth of innovative startups.

Laos is currently undergoing a digital transformation, the time is therefore optimal to create a digital school as the sector is particularly buoyant. Laos is particularly suited to European SMEs because the entry ticket is lower than in most other countries in the region, the environment easier to grasp and the competition less strong.


Observation 3: European SMEs are struggling to adapt their digital strategy to Asian markets


If coding techniques, frameworks and software are the same everywhere in the world, whereas digital marketing strategies differ according to the regions of the world and especially for the Asian markets.

European SMEs are often at a disadvantage when it comes to exporting to Asia, not having always taken the true measure of Asia’s digital transformation. Even if their products are adjusted to the selected areas, the digital strategy always needs fine tuning, and the global strategy often needs to be adapted to reach segments of the Asian populations.

For SME managers, eager to develop their exports, these adjustments are complexed and require significant investment. This is why offering them an opportunity to call up on young people from the Collaborative Digital School, trained in European and Asian digital marketing techniques, at a much lower cost than in their own country and with European and local contacts on site would be an undeniable asset. 


Observation 4 :« Digital nomads » are increasing by the number.


« Digital nomads” (People working remotely) always in search of the best coworking spaces available on site. often have an ethical vision of their travels ; they are united, demanding and independent. They can create and federate international groups that are very valuable for development and trade. This is one of the key factors of the Collaborative Digital School which will create an environment allowing involvement of the « nomads » in the training of students, in exchange of the possibility to use a suitable and well equipped  co-working space where «Digital nomads” and Laotians of the school can meet. 

About the students

These young Laotians are enthusiastic, hardworking and positive. They particularly appreciate this initiative which allows them to meet up with foreigners and learn a new language. Their new skills give them better work opportunities. They are hard working, determined to improve their social condition and help their families. 


Digital collaborative school is located in the very center of the old royal capital of  Luang Prabang, in one of the architectural buildings, using the purest traditional Laotian wooden structures.